Global Warming and Environment: Concrete Improvements


The Liberal government is spending billions of dollars at home and abroad to fight global warming—or "climate change." Other federal party leaders claim that there is a "climate crisis." They confuse weather changes with the climate changes that have naturally occurred over thousands and millions of years.

In order to lower greenhouse gas emissions, the Liberals have imposed taxes and countless regulations, they subsidize inefficient and costly green technology, and they are blocking the development of oil resources crucial to our prosperity.

It is an undisputed fact that the world's climate has always changed and will continue to change. Until twelve thousand years ago, much of Canada was under ice.

There is no scientific consensus that the CO2, produced by human activity, is causing dangerous global warming today. In fact, it is thanks to a very slightly warming atmosphere, innovation, and improved agricultural methods that the world can feed its population of 7.7 billion people today.

The policy debate about global warming includes almost no economic considerations. Disruptive carbon reduction is certain to cause fuel prices to rise to levels that will devastate the Canadian economy, impoverish, and starve many millions of poor people around the world.


The Paris Accord is based upon "production accounting." This means that Canada produces fuels, foreign countries burn it, and Alberta receives the demerit points in front of a global audience.

High-fuel consumption countries get a free ride under the Paris Accord's unfair CO2 and other greenhouse gas measurements. If Canada does not produce the fuel that the world needs, other countries will immediately replace Canadian products.

We agree that very high levels of CO2 are not healthy. However, we are already on the low end of the CO2 scale. If disruptive carbon-reduction policies reduce CO2 levels by just 200 ppm, plants will start dying.

In fact, CO2 is beneficial for growing crops. Over the past few decades, a measurable "greening" of the world has happened, thanks in part to higher CO2 levels. CO2 is not a pollutant. It is an essential ingredient for life on Earth and necessary for plant growth.

The global market for clean-burning natural gas is growing rapidly. Many countries want to replace their coal-burning electric generating plants with natural gas plants because natural gas burns 50% cleaner than coal burns. However, large nations, such as China and India, need affordable natural gas to build these cleaner plants.

Canadians, by supplying more natural gas to foreign markets at affordable prices, can make a major contribution to this clean fuel shift and CO2 stability.

Here in Canada, we have far too much pollution. Many of Canada's waterways, public spaces, national parks, marine conservation areas, and national historic sites require immediate attention and resources.

Our Plan

Our federal government should be providing a smart framework for environmental regulation and pollution reduction that balances both our environmental needs and and Canadians' standard of living.

The federal government should not be choosing the winning and losing companies and clean technologies. We can ensure that CO2 levels are stable without the direct government intervention that is sure to fail and that will reduce our quality of lives.

A People's Party government will:

-Withdraw from the Paris Accord and determine realistic greenhouse gas emission reduction targets based on fair measurements.

-Instead of sending billions of dollars to developing countries to help them reduce their emissions, we will support the export of Canada's clean-burning fuels and technologies.

-Abolish the Liberal government's carbon tax and shift GST funds to provinces so that provincial governments have funds to implement the environmental programs that they want

-Fund the equipment needed to eliminate the pollution that contaminates drinking water in remote First Nations communities.

-Abolish unfair government green technology subsidies to "friends of the government," and let the private sector develop profitable and efficient alternatives on an equal playing field.

-Implement practical solutions to make Canada's air, water and soil cleaner.


Louise Wants to Meet You!

Bookmark this page if you want to find out how Louise is getting the message out in our riding - Vancouver Centre.  If you have any groups that you want Louise to address, let her know at


Diversity Is Our Strength. Maxime Bernier Visits Vancouver - September 25, 2019

Diversity is our strength - People's Party of Canada

Video from last night at the People's Party of Canada Rally, led by Max Bernier in Vancouver. Immigrants and women are the strength of the People's Party of Canada. Judge for yourself in this video. On October 21, Canadians will show that voters can cut through the fake news and false promises to think for themselves.


Greater Vancouver Board of Trade Voice 2019 Event - September 16, 2019

I was not allowed to speak on stage alongside other candidates at the Vancouver Board and Trade event this morning.  Very strange since the People's Party of Canada's small and medium-sized business policies are the most friendly to that organization's members!

How ironic that Maxime Bernier was allowed into the leadership debates later that morning.

All event organizers need to respect the rights of Canadians to hear the views of all legally nominated candidates in their ridings.


Vancouver Centre Electoral District Map

Vancouver Centre Map - Vote Louise Kierans


Vancouver Centre Riding Boundaries Description

Consisting of that part of the City of Vancouver described as follows: commencing at the southwesterly corner of the City of North Vancouver; thence southerly along a straight line drawn to the intersection of Coal Harbour Seawalk with Waterfront Road West; thence southerly in a straight line to Cambie Street; thence southerly along said street to Dunsmuir Street; thence southeasterly and easterly along Dunsmuir Street to Main Street; thence southerly along said street to 2nd Avenue East; thence westerly along said avenue to 2nd Avenue West; thence westerly and southwesterly along said avenue to 6th Avenue West; thence westerly along said avenue to 4th Avenue West; thence northwesterly and westerly along said avenue to Arbutus Street; thence northerly and northeasterly along said street to McNicoll Avenue; thence easterly along said avenue to Maple Street; thence northerly along said street and its production to the southern shoreline of English Bay; thence N45°00'W in a straight line to the westerly limit of the City of Vancouver; thence northerly, easterly and southeasterly along the westerly and northerly limits of said city to the point of commencement.

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