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Vancouver Centre - Louise Kierans

My name is Louise Kierans. My family lives in Vancouver Centre. I grew up surrounded by politics and have worked as a volunteer for various  provincial, federal and municipal parties for a long time.

As a youth, I remember canvassing for our favourite candidates in French and English in Montreal.  Political parties used to believe that it was important to do what was right for Canada, not just for our political party.

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After volunteering in the recent Vancouver municipal elections, I decided to become a candidate for the first time. I am now Vancouver Centre's candidate for the People's Party of Canada, a national political party that wants to build Canada.

Louise Kierans People's Party of Canada Vancouver Centre

I am the right person for the Vancouver Centre Member of Parliament job.

I benefitted from a great education at McGill University, graduating with a degree in Economics and Industrial Relations.

I have worked in small business with my husband for more than 20 years. I know the pains and successes that entrepreneurs feel. And, I have dedicated most of my career to leading not-for-profits that contribute to society.

If you vote for me, you will be voting for a candidate that will represent YOUR interests.


A Track Record of Community

Louise has more than 30 years of experience working and leading in the not-for-profit sector.

She co-founded the YoungCuts Film Festival in 2004, a film festival dedicated to the support and promotion of young filmmakers.  She has served as its President for more than a decade. 

Louise Kierans - Leading Not-for-Profits


In the private sector, Louise knows the challenges that small businesses face.  Louise managed her father's thriving legal practice and works with her husband, funding and building small businesses.

Louise is the only candidate in Vancouver Centre with meaningful small business experience.

When Louise moved to Vancouver Centre in 2016, she was surprised how little that the Liberal, Conservative, and NDP national parties were doing for Vancouver Centre. So she decided to change that by running for office.

Louise is now working with Maxime Bernier, the People's Party of Canada leader, a courageous politician who tells the truth.

Maxime Bernier and Family

A leader with fresh ideas, Max's belief in personal responsibility and freedom is at the heart of his political vision. He is committed to changing Canada for the better.  Louise shares this vision.

Our party will serve ALL Canadians fairly, not just the chosen few.

Our party is committed to these four key principles. Fairness. Respect. Freedom. Responsibility.

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Time to Clean Up False Creek

I am very concerned that our federal government ignores Vancouver Centre's local environmental issues.

While the Liberals and Conservatives have been in power, they have failed to reduce pollution in False Creek and have failed to protect our Vancouver Centre waterway.

Here's a photo of what I saw in June, while walking along False Creek.


Pollution in False Creek Under Liberals


And, here is a photo of what I saw on Sunset Beach on Canada Day:


Sunset Beach Closed on Canada Day 2019


Many people are unaware that False Creek comes under federal jurisdiction and that its E.coli levels are dangerous.

Local issues should be important to your representatives in Ottawa.  I will ensure that the Federal government acknowledges the environmental attack on False Creek and that it is cleaned up.

Let's make this water clean so that our families, friends, neighbours, and visitors can safely swim in the water and confidently enjoy water activities.

If you want False Creek to be cleaned up and Vancouver Centre to thrive, elect me.  

Vote Louise Kierans in Vancouver Centre.


Another Great Thing About Canada

Whatever our political views, it's great to have an acrobatic team like the Snowbirds representing Canada.Here they are, performing amazing feats at the Boundary Bay, BC airshow.  Our women and men in the Canadian Armed Forces do a fantastic job protecting our country.   Let's give them more support. 


Louise Kierans Vancouver Centre PPC Nominated Candidate
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